Thank you for using Timely. We will be shutting down Timely's servers and the app will no longer be available on the Google Play Store as of 2021-05-31.
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What is Timely?

Timely is the alarm clock you've always wanted. Head over to its page to see what it's all about.

How is Timely different?

Timely is beautiful. Timely is powerful. Setting an alarm will never feel the same as before. Our high-quality, hand-crafted sounds are just a pleasure to hear in the morning and we guarantee a wake-up experience you've never seen before. Customize Timely with stunning themes to match your very own style. Everything is backed-up to the cloud, so you never have to worry again about restoring your alarms and settings. Our multi-device features lets you set an alarm on your tablet from your phone and vice-versa. You can even experience an orchestral wake-up by setting the alarm on more than one device.

Where can I download Timely?

You can download Timely for Android on Google Play.

Is Timely also available in other languages?

Right now we support English and German. Other languages are in the works.

How can I add an alarm?

Go to the alarm tab and just swipe in from the left edge. A time bar appears that you can drag to set the desired time. If you are using Google Now, try the "set an alarm" command!

How can I delete an alarm?

Swipe out the alarm to the right. If you want to delete multiple alarms at once, long-press them to select and then click on the trash can.

How to change the fade length, snooze duration, alarm volume and first day of week?

Click the overflow button or press the menu key on your device. You can find these and more preferences by clicking on "Settings".

How can I change the details such as sound, labels and weekdays of an alarm?

Click on the lower part of an alarm card to open it and change its details.

What is smart rise?

This alarm mode is based on advanced sleep cycle theory. 30 minutes before the regular alarm, a slowly fading melody may wake you up from your light sleep and help you to start the day with a smile.

Where can I set my own sound as an alarm?

Right now there is no possibility to set a custom sound. But we will add this feature in the future.

More information about Sony STAMINA/Extended Standby mode.

STAMINA/Extended Standby Mode prevents Timely from waking up the device. Thus, an alarm will not ring if this mode is enabled.

To disable Extended Standby Mode, go to the settings of your device, then to "Power management", and then uncheck the checkbox for Extended Standby mode.

If you have a Sony device with STAMINA mode, you can either disable this mode or add Timely to the active applications in standby. To disable STAMINA mode, go to the settings of your device, then to "Power management", and use the control to disable it. To add Timely to the active applications in standby, proceed as above, but click on "STAMINA mode", then "Add applications", check the checkbox for Timely, and click "Done".

My alarm goes off 30 minutes before I set it. Is that a bug?

No. There is a feature called "Smart Rise", which can wake you up 30 minutes before the real alarm was set. If you don't want to use this feature just disable it in the alarm detail. See also "What is smart rise".

How can I change the clock face?

Change to the clock tab in the middle and click the button on the action bar to change the clock face.

How can I change how Timely looks?

You can style each tab individually. Click the overflow or menu button and select "Change theme". Select one of the predefined themes or create your own by selecting three colors.

Does Timely have a daydream?

Of course! You'll need a device running at least Android 4.2. In the device settings, go to Device > Display > Daydream. There you can select Timely as your Daydream.

How can I synchronize my devices?

Just install TImely on all of your devices. Your alarms, themes and settings will all be synchronized to the new device. In the alarm detail you'll have a new section where you can select which devices the alarm will ring on. Try setting one on more than one device! To get the best experience, make sure all of your devices are in the same WiFi when they ring.

Can I backup my alarms, themes and settings?

All of your data is automatically backed up. In case you need to reset or switch your phone, simply reinstall the app and everything will be there again.

How can I share this great app with my friends?

Go to Settings and tap on "Share application". By the way, if you get your friends to install the app through that link, you'll get some freebies!

I'm a developer and just can't figure out how you did those animations and color effects.

We are planning to have an engineering blog in the future. Stay tuned!

What do the bars on the lower edge of the card mean?

These indicators show you on which of your devices this alarm will ring. The larger one stands for the current device. Open the card by clicking on it and play around in the cloud section to get a better feeling for it!

Where can I set a challenge? How can I preview it?

Open the alarm detail by clicking on an alarm card. Click where it says "No challenge". You can then select a challenge for this alarm that you need to solve before being able to dismiss it. The challenge can be previewed by clicking on the challenge's icon.

How can I delete devices or change their name?

Go to Settings > Manage Devices. You'll be able to set a new name or delete the device. Keep in mind that deleting a device will stop TImely on that device. To re-add it, open Timely on that device again.

How can I get the premium content for free?

Refer some friends! Go to Settings > Share this app and share the referral link with your friends. Once they install Timely, you'll get referral points that you can use to unlock premium content.

Does Timely have a widget?

Yes! If you have a phone with Andorid 4.2 or later, you can even use it as a lockscreen widget.

Can I make the time screen stay awake all the time?

No, we support Android Daydream for Devices running Android 4.2+ though. We also think about including a in-app daydream so everyone can use it.

I switched the account. Now my purchases are gone and if I try to buy something, it says that I already own the item.

Purchases are tied to the current account. Please contact us to get them transferred.

I get a "Couldn't verify that you own this item" when I try to purchase.

Go to Settings -> Apps -> Play Store and press Clear Data.

Do I lose Premium when I change the device?

No, everything gets backuped and synced. As long as you use the same Google account all alarms, purchases, settings etc. get synchronized.

I bought the Pro version but it didn't work. Why?

There may be multiple problems:

We grant every new user a 5 day trial period. If you buy the Pro version in this time you won't notice big changes, which is good. The free version will contain ads and there will be locked content after this period.

Make sure you really bought the correct item. There are many different things you can buy.

Make sure you are using the same account you used when you purchased the item.

If you still think it didn't work please use the contact email address above and send us an email. Please provide us with the Google Order Id and your Google account email address.

How can I get referral points?

Go to Settings and click "Share application". The link you share this way contains a referral code. If another user downloads the app using this link, you'll be awarded one point.

Where can I see how many referral points I have?

Go to Settings and click "Share application". In the upper right corner you'll see your referral point balance.

What's my referral code?

Go to Settings and click "Share application". In the upper right corner you can see the referral code below your balance.

I downloaded the app via a referral link but didn't get any points.

Try entering the referral code manually. To do this go to Settings and click on "Enter referral code".

I shared the app but didn't get any points. Why not?

Only sharing is not enough to get points. To be awarded with a point the other person needs to download the app.

Why can't I enter a referral code?

You can enter only one code. Other people need to download Timely and enter your referral code. Then you will get a point for that.

Why do you need these permissions?

Network communication: Internet access is required for synchronization and backup.
Your accounts: Backups and synchronization are authenticated with your Google Account.